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Export Manager Mr. Ali Emre:

HARVESTING MACHINERY Tillage & Landscaping Machines Walnut And Fruit Processing Machines TILLER AND OTHER MACHINE AND TOOLS Other Spare Parts
Kadıoğlu Ltd 1975 Agriculture machines manufacturer in Turkey.
Otosansit No:134-136, Bursa/Turkey

Company Profile

Kadioglu Machines Ltd. is centered in Bursa/Turkey. It maintains its assembly, storing and marketing operations in 4750 m2 indoor place on Industrial Area. It has a showroom also is placed in this area.

Kadioglu Machines Ltd. choosed its brand name as "Kadmec". Because it is a global name which everyone can pronounce easily and remember easily.

Main production line is on harvester and tillage machines and equipments of garden cultivation. Over 1000 of spare parts of agriculture machines also manufactured and imported in Kadioglu production site. 

The annual turnover of Kadmec consists of %75 its production and %25 imported products.

Income of the company depends on %80 percent domestic sales.

Kadmec as a living company since 1975, adopts as a company value, manufacturing new products by anticipating market needs.

Quality Control

With usage of advanced technology, the productive team works in coordinated way to project in Kadmec vision.

After Sales Service

The after sales service of Kadmec is founded with aims of making response to customer in a short time by itself or its seller. The company has 130 active seller and relation with 640 firm for sale in 2013.The achievement of company depends on a good group working with its collaborator.

R & D

Having 4 R&D engineers and 10 experienced technical staff and giving importance to researching and development are the biggest signs of the desire of have future for Kadmec.

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