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Walnut Storage and Transportation Box

Walnut Storage and Transportation Box

Remarkable 3 Features:

  • Upload, Easy Transportation

    The unloading mechanism under the Kadıoğlu Walnut Storage and Transportation Box supported by funnel-shaped design make transporting walnuts to sacks or to conveyor belt easy. Bearing that forklift cradles will sit on has been taken into account.

  • Incapacious Design
    Nutmec S24 Walnut Storage Box doesn’t cause space loss when laid together. Boxes that can be placed on the top of each other save up a serious amount of space.
  • Airy Design for Walnut Health

    It is known that quality of the walnut decreases in a humid environment or airless places. Kadıoğlu Nutmec Storage Boxes are designed to keep air-taking rate high.

Technical Details
Brand Kadıoğlu
Origin Turkey
Weight 70 kg
Height 175 cm
Length 120 cm
Width 120 cm
Capacity 2,4 m2

Walnut Machines

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