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Kadıoğlu Ltd 1975 Agriculture machines manufacturer in Turkey.
Otosansit No:134-136, Bursa/Turkey



An extremely simple, highly effective pressing system that uses mains water pressure to extract high levels of juice from milled apples and pears, crushed grapes and pressing small or seeded soft fruits, e.g., blackberries and elderberries.

Technical Details
Origin Germany
Brand Speidel
Model Options 20-40-90-80 lt.
Height 82-90-107-131.5 cm / 2.69-2.95-3.51-4.31 ft. / 32.28-35.43-42.12-51.77 in.
Weight 13-18-28-72 kg. / 28.66-39.68-61.72-158.73 lbs.
Connection GEKA Type Rapid Connection
Vane - Rose Diameter 19mm / 0.062 ft. / 0.748 in.

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