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Vertical Tiller With Feeler

Vertical Tiller With Feeler

Kadıoğlu Vertical Tiller With Feeler. But why?

  • Kadıoğlu Tiller with feeler is a firm and trustworthy machine that is widely used in vineyard areas or gardens that have densely planted fruit trees.
  • With its 3 points hanger roof system, montaging to tractor is done without spanner.
  • Our machines do not need to rest. Because we took al the precautions, they never overheat. They can work non-stop for hours.
  • All of our feeler machines are hydraulic and in some of them which are in need to cool down, there are radiator and fan system. This system is more precious, trustworthy and durable than ones with break wire transferred or hand-operated systems.
  • Our machines go into spaces between plants/trees easily. It can work quickly even in space of 40 cm between trees. Precision of its feeler’s hiding its attachment and approaching distance to tree can be adjusted easily.
  • With its control unit, mechanism can collect by disabling the feeler, expand or be worked in different modes.

The machines greasers should be lubricated once a year.

After spudding season, the machine shoul be cleaned and prepared for next usage.

Can it work on new planted roots?

It has 4 precision settings. So, it can be used from the first planting even in first row space spudding. The system draws itself back optionally in 1 cm or 5 cm.

Does it harm to shapeless plants?

Height adjustment of feeler stick keeps that kind of damages. And in case of need, operatör can remove the attachment with control stick.

I have some area that I don’t want to work on. How can I pass them?

Remote right nearby operatör can remove the attachment any time you want.

Does tractor’s speed effect efficiency of the machine?

Operator on the tractor will decide the speed of the tractor. The most important factor is what depth of soil is wanted.

Is the machine compatible with my tractor?

It is compatible with any tractor that has engine power of 30 or more HP.

I once bought milling machines or rotovators but they did not work efficiently in a long usage. What makes your machine different?

In this kind of systems, hydraulic oil’s heat should not be over certain degrees. Radiator and fan system should be added to prevent it from overheat. If the system has radiator and fan, then it will work efficiently. All the spinning system without cooler radiator’s fluid oil that is high pressured gets quickly very hot and this causes deformation of rubbers in the system. And these will cause fault of the machine.

What are the differences between your machine and electrical or electronic sensored machines?

All the machines that works on soil have to work hydraulically like construction machineries. Otherwise, long working period would be impossible to get. Hydraulic system in the situations like sudden impacts or hitting hard rock absorbs shock and prevents failures.

I bought feeler milling machine and rotovator but they hold grass. Why?

Spinning type of machines like milling machine or rotovator normally do that. In an area that is covered with dense grass, the machine holds the grass and that is hard for the machine. Before spudding, grass should be mowed or without giving any chance to grass to grow up, working on soil should be done. Or, both laying the grass and spudding can be done for only once by Kadıoğlu Spudding with Brush system.

Is there any chance to bring down the prices?

There is. But only with budging from quality. Kadıoğlu Feeler systems are high-tech fully efficient machines. All the moving or stable parts on the equipment are high quality products that are produced by the best companies of their sectors. All the metal parts are processed with precision of 0,001 mm an heat treatened in CNC machines. Its hydraulic system is special. These make a machine that has a warranty of 4 years and works efficiently. Kadıoğlu runs its machines’ feelers all with hydraulic, not break wire or electronically.

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