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Kadıoğlu Ltd 1975 Agriculture machines manufacturer in Turkey.
Otosansit No:134-136, Bursa/Turkey

Eco Model

Eco Model

There is no machine to compare widely used Kadıoğlu ECO’s distance to plant and working speed. Cutter parts do not collect grass and wrap it. It makes soil mixing in an expected level. Our machine can work any optional depth.


Attachments like Tree Base Filler or Root Cutter for Ecological weeds are avaible.

  • Attachment: Filling soil to base
  • Attachment: Knife
  • Attachment: Plow

Knife Tool At Work

For Antonio Carraro

Technical Details
Origin Türkiye
Brand Kadıoğlu
Energy Source Tractor Hydrolic Engine
Power 25 HP Tractor with 2 hydrolic exit.
Total Weight 110 kg / 242.5 lbs.
Width 90 cm / 2.95 ft. / 35.43 in.
Height 90 cm / 2.95 ft. / 35.43 in.
Length 160-200 cm / 5.25-6.56 ft. / 63-78.74 in.
Tillage Disc Number 3
Disc (Blade) Toughness 50 RSDC
Warranty 2 Years

Interrow Hoer With Feeler

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