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This product made in Turkey - Kadıoğlu Machinery

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Kadioglu Tirilye SE100

Kadioglu Tirilye SE100

It is very effective on OliveWalnut, Almond and Apricot harvest.

With Tirilye SE100, it is possible for it to harvest one-bodied-trees by shaking them from their bodies and complex-bodied trees by  grabbing main branches of the tree.

  • With its pumps that do not waste tractor’s power. (540 cycles per minute for a 60 HP tractor)
  • Its amazing performance where there is no way for tractor to go nearby the work area.
  • Its light design that gives adventage of transportation, Kadıoğlu Tirilye SE100 is ready.


  • It can reach at a height of 4.5 meters. During harvest, tractor does not have to be on collector blanket.
  • Winch handle can be angled from 45˚ left to 45˚ right.
  • It shakes 540 times per minute.
  • Bodies of one-bodied and multi-bodied trees can be grabbed easily.
  • Design of its hanger keeps tractor away from vibration.
  • As harvest is done in very short time and sprouts do not get damaged during harvest, it does not cause decreasing of yield.
  • It can be mounted on every brand and model of tractor easily.
  • It takes its power only from tractor’s power take-off. It has its own hydraulic olive tank, cooling radiator and fan.
  • It is painted with cataphoresis paint.
  • All made by Kadıoğlu Machine Ltd. Co.
  • Its maintenance is very easy.
  • Our machine’s hydraulic pumps are high quality.
  • 2 years of warranty by Kadıoğlu Machine Ltd. Co.

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This product made in Turkey - Kadıoğlu Machinery


Kadıoğlu TİRİLYE SE100
Kadıoğlu TİRİLYE SE100
Kadıoğlu TİRİLYE SE100
Kadıoğlu TİRİLYE SE100
Kadıoğlu TİRİLYE SE100
Kadıoğlu TİRİLYE SE100
Kadıoğlu TİRİLYE SE100
Kadıoğlu TİRİLYE SE100

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