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This product made in Turkey - Kadıoğlu Machinery

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EMR400 LIGHT - Olive Harvester

EMR400 LIGHT - Olive Harvester

It is the lighter, smaller version of Kadıoğlu EMR-400 Olive Shaker. This machine is support of main olive collecting machine.

During or after running olive collecting machine, there is no need for a bigger machine to collect olives that remain on tree. A lighter (6.8 Kg) and economic will be enough too. So we designed EMR-400 Light.

Unlike big and side-engined 14 kg machines, working with ladder and wandering between twigs are so easy. If you want, you can lift the machine up and collect whichever twig you want. This machine’s carrying grip and trigger system is designed including shock absorber to minimize the vibration that you feel. Ergonomic strap makes you easy to carry.

Its engine’s power is 1.1 HP. Altough its engine size is small, it gives the high speed that is needed.

The machine’s all parts is in warranty of Kadıoğlu in terms of spare parts and service for 2 years.

Technical Details
Vibration Speed 3000 rot/min.
Total Weight 6.8 kg / 14.99 lbs
Engine Power 1.1 HP
Warranty 2 Years

Tree Branch Shaker

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This product made in Turkey - Kadıoğlu Machinery


EMR400 LIGHT - Zeytin Hasat Makinası

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